Best Diesel Engine Oil Upgrade

What’s the Best Diesel Oil Upgrade?

It takes a special type of person to build more power through diesel upgrades. These people can invest up to two Toyota Tacomas worth of money into one truck that has 1,200 hp and 2,100 lb-ft torque. Now that’s commitment.

Even more noteworthy is the fact that these enthusiasts work for a living and building this much power is quite a long-term investment. Once the initial upgrades are made, additional modifications such as turbo upgrades, injectors, tuners, nitrous oxide and more are added as money and time are accessible.

The majority of enthusiasts know that adding these modifications can cause unnecessary strain to cylinder liners, rods, bearings, and pistons. However, did you know that correctly sequencing modifications and upgrading components on your engine can be hard? Especially so when you have a lot of competing financial requirements.

Don’t Forget This Upgrade for Your Diesel

So what’s the best course of action to get the most out of your diesel and the best bang for your buck—and time? Focus on upgrading power and torque and hope the additional power doesn’t destroy anything? There’s another option—upgrading your engine oil. When you compare it to a brand-new intake, tuner or new high-flow exhaust, it’s most cost-effective andmore effective.

Turn the Heat Down

Diesel engines that have been modified increase both pressure and heat, unfortunately causing a strain to the oil. Keep in mind that the majority of bearing and pistons ride on a film of oil that’s thinner than a sheet of paper. If your oil isn’t up to resisting the shearing force from extra power, the viscosity will be impacted and will become thinner. Under extreme conditions like heat, the oil can oxidize and break down, leading to increased wear.

AMSOIL Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil

Specifically formulated for modified diesels, AMSOIL synthetic diesel engine oil is combined with top-notch synthetic base oils and enhanced with additives that allow it to resist pressure and heat from modified diesels. So how good is AMSOIL’s synthetic diesel engine oil?

AMSOIL Signature Series Max-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil performs just the way your diesel requires, with up to 6x the wear protection and 60% cleaner turbo. Independent testing deduced that as compared with another leading synthetic oil brand, AMSOIL provides lasting protection from wear, maintaining cylinder liners to pristine condition.

If you’re working on your next diesel mods, consider adding “switch to AMSOIL” to your list. If you’re competing with your engine, head to AMSOIL’s website to find out which synthetic oil is right for you.