Finding the Best Diesel Oil

Purchasing a diesel truck is a significant investment, and you don’t want to compromise when it comes to protection. AMSOIL’s diesel oils are among the best in the market, delivering optimum diesel engine protection, effectively preserving the horsepower you desire and keeping you on the road.

Our synthetic diesel oils are engineered with the same care and pride that you show to your turbodiesel, offering dependable protection in the most extreme operating conditions.

If You Want Extra Protection

Excess wear to diesel cylinder lines and rings can result in extra oil consumption and decreased compression, which lowers horsepower and fuel consumption. AMSOIL provides solid, high-quality, dependable wear protection.

If You Haul or Tow

A combination of temperatures that exceed 1,000°F (538ºC) and operating at up to 150,000 rpm on a stock engine with a turbocharger can wreak havoc on your oil. If the oil is not specifically formulated to work in these conditions, the oil can break down, which leads to build-up and wear.

For many, stock engines don’t offer enough power, but dropping a tune on your engine put even more burden on your turbo and oil. Again, AMSOIL can help.

If You Store Your Vehicles

Periodic use, extended storage, humidity and short drives may create corrosion and rust—both of which can cause serious trouble for diesel engines.

If You Drive in Hot Temperatures

Synthetic diesel oils from AMSOIL stand up better to heat than their traditional synthetic diesel oil competitors, efficiently maintaining their protective viscosities for additional engine protection in maximum temperatures.

If You Drive in Cold Temperatures

AMSOIL synthetic diesel oils are wax-free, unlike their competitors, so they remain fluid at sub-zero temperatures. This results in easier starting, better flow of oil and less wear. Signature Series 0W-40 has a wide range of viscosity that provides 4X better cold-cranking ability than a 15W-40.

If You Have a High-Mileage Vehicle

AMSOIL synthetic diesel oils have low volatility rates (burn-off), keeping oil consumption lower during operation and allowing less oil vapor into the combustion chamber.