Harley V-Twin Oil Change Kits

New V-Twin Kits for Oil Change

A few popular requests from V-twin riders include kits for newer Harley motorcycles with the Milwaukee-Eight* engine and kits with a black filter option in addition to chrome. If you prefer, the original kit is still available with packaging updated to match new kits.

The new AMSOIL V-Twin Oil Change Kit has everything your bike could need. 

The kits with product codes HDCK and HDBK should be ideal for the majority of Harley Davidson motorcycles from 1999-2016.

(4) quarts of AMSOIL 20W-50 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil

Kits with product codes HDMCand HDMB should be ideal for Harley-Davidson motorcycles from 2017–present. 

(5) quarts of AMSOIL 20W-50 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil

Improved Protection

High temperatures in the summer can lead to loss of viscosity in oil, which can lead to a decrease in shift quality and compensator noise. AMSOIL Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil works well to prevent breakdown of said viscosity during the stress and heat of summer weather. Maintaining viscosity encourages smooth and assured shifts and helps decrease noise from the compensator. In fact, it provides up to six times improved resistance to breakdown of viscosity than Harley-Davidson* SYN3.*

View the AMSOIL Motorcycle Product Guide to discover the right kit for your bike.


We’re proud to be returning in 2020 as the Official Oil of Daytona Bike Week, Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and Laconia Motorcycle Week. These events all provide unique chances to ride in picturesque environments and absorb everything a rally can offer. 

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