Oil Change Intervals

How often you change your AMSOIL synthetic motor oil can depend on several factors, including which product you’re using and the conditions under which you’re operating. In general, AMSOIL synthetic motor oil performs better than its competitors when it comes to synthetic and conventional oil. In fact, it performs so well that you can even prolong the intervals in which you change your oil. Benefits of extending your oil change intervals include:

  • Less disposal of wasted oil
  • Lower cost annually for oil
  • Less maintenance

If you do decide to go with the oil change intervals that are provided in your vehicle’s owner’s manual, AMSOIL synthetic motor oil is still beneficial—it provides heightened protection to wear, helps you maintain a clean engine, consumes less oil, and provides optimal fuel efficiency.

By Product Line—AMSOIL Oil Change Intervals

Signature Series 5W-30

Regular service is up to 25,000 miles (40,200 km), 700 hours of operation -or- a year (whichever happens first). In personal vehicles that are not operating under extreme service.

Severe service is up to 15,000 miles (24,140 km), 700 hours of operation -or- a year (whichever happens first). A severe service condition is defined as excessive idling, fleet or commercial vehicles, frequent hauling, towing, driving or towing in dusty environments.

XL Synthetic Motor Oil

Defined by up to 12,000 miles (19,300 km) or one year oil change intervals. It can also be longer when the owner’s manual recommends it or if the electronical oil life monitoring systems indicate it to be so.

OE Synthetic Motor Oil

This synthetic motor oil is recommended for the intervals as stated by the manufacturer of the vehicle or as indicated by the oil life monitoring system.

Signature Series Max-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil

Engine Service Life for Diesel

  • If used on/off road and for heavy duty: three times (3x) the OEM recommendation, but not to go over 60,000 miles, 600 hours, or one year—whichever happens first.
  • Turbodiesel pickup: Two times (2x) the OEM recommendation, but not to go over 25,000 miles or a year—whichever happens first.
  • Competition service life: Offers long-lasting protection for numerous events. Determine appropriate drain intervals using analysis of oil.

Gasoline Engine Service Life

Two times the OEM recommendation; not to exceed 15,000 miles or a year—whichever happens first.

Heavy Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil

Recommended for the drain intervals as mentioned by the OEM (original equipment manufacturer)

Synthetic Diesel Oil

Recommended for drain intervals as stated by the original equipment manufacturer.

AMSOIL Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil, Synthetic ATV/UTV Motor Oil, Synthetic Dirt Bike Oil and additional oils are suggested for oil change intervals as stated by the OEM. Visit these pages to determine individual oil change interval information.

Regardless of whether you change your oil based on OEM guidelines or whether you extend your oil change intervals, make sure you also remember to change your oil filter at every oil change. Another way to determine how long you can extend your oil change intervals is through oil analysis.

A History of Oil Change Intervals

In recent history, it wasn’t uncommon to change your oil every 3,000 miles (or 3 months). This began in the 1960s, in order to change oil with each season. The quick lube market began this tactic to keep oil change traffic coming in, citing it as “insurance” for your engine.

Improvements in performance of engines and motor oil have since determined that the aforementioned guideline isn’t as necessary as companies once proposed. 

In 1988, GM introduced its electronic oil life monitor, and it’s now used on tens of millions of vehicles.

Several decades later, in the 2010s, California campaigned heartily against oil changes every 3,000 miles, determining that it is wasteful. Lastly, in 2011, Jiffy Lube encouraged drivers to follow the guidelines listed in their owner’s manual, abandoning the 3,000 mile practice.

Synthetic allows for longer intervals between oil change

Though synthetic oil lasts longer than conventional oil, it’s sometimes hard to determine exactly how much longer—it’s dependent on brand. The majority of oil manufacturers don’t even recommend service intervals for products—they just encourage you to use what is listed in your owner’s manual.

A number of synthetic oils, however, like AMSOIL’s extended drain synthetic motor oils guarantee oil change intervals that let you extend oil change intervals. This is peace of mind for many motorists, if regular maintenance is delayed. It can also save money for yearly or twice-yearly oil changes.

Whether you want to extend the intervals or just use the optimal oil for your vehicle, AMSOIL offers a synthetic oil that can help.