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AMSOIL Preferred Customer Program - Worth The Money?

AMSOIL Preferred Customer Program - Worth The Money?

Discover the benefits of becoming an AMSOIL Preferred Customer and learn why it's a great deal for repeat AMSOIL customers.
Dave Mann
March 19, 2021
5 min read
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“Hi, I’m Dave - a former Ford Truck/Automotive Engineer and the face behind Performance Oil Technology. My trucks, heavy equipment, farm and powersports vehicles experience extreme use, and I use AMSOIL products in every single one; learn more about me here. Enjoy the site!”

What is AMSOIL’s Preferred Customer Program?

AMSOIL’s preferred customer program is a unique membership program that includes exclusive perks for individuals particularly interested in AMSOIL products. Preferred customers get to purchase AMSOIL products at wholesale prices and save up to 25% on every item.

The Benefits of Becoming A Preferred Customer

  1. Save up to 25% on every product
  2. Get $5 back on every $100 you spend
  3. Free shipping on orders of at least $100
  4. Get a $5 coupon on your birthday
  5. Earn a free year-long membership after spending $500 or more within one year
  6. Receive early access to and exclusive offers on products throughout the year
  7. Receive the quarterly AMSOIL Magazine with company updates, new product details, and more

For just $10, you can become an AMSOIL Preferred Customer and experience all of these benefits for six months. Heck, if your birthday is in the next six months, you'll get $5 back to spend on AMSOIL products, and if you spend at least $100 in the first six months, the membership will have more than paid for itself. For these reasons, the AMSOIL Preferred Customer Program is definitely worth it if you purchase AMSOIL products multiple times a year.

How to Join the Preferred Customer Program

To join AMSOIL's Preferred Customer Program, you'll need to visit their webpage and add either the 6-month or full-year membership to your cart. Once you do so, the membership perks will kick in before you checkout, so any products you decide to buy will be discounted at the preferred customer rate.

Upon checkout, if you haven't already, you'll be prompted to log in to or create an AMSOIL account. AMSOIL has a 100% secure checkout system that accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal.

Boom, it's that easy.

Preferred Customer FAQs

How much does it cost to become an AMSOIL preferred customer?

It costs $10 for a six-month trial membership and $20 for a full-year subscription to the AMSOIL Preferred Customer Program.

Do AMSOIL rewards expire?

Yes, AMSOIL rewards do expire. The $5 coupons you receive on your birthday and for spending $100 expire after 180 days. Your "My Rewards" page will display the unique code and expiration date all your rewards.

Do AMSOIL Preferred Customers get free shipping?

Yes, preferred customers get free shipping, but only on orders of at least $100.

Terms and Conditions

You can find additional info on the AMSOIL Preferred Customer Program in their terms & conditions.

Preferred Customer vs. Authorized Dealer

The preferred customer program is different from AMSOIL's Dealer program. Authorized dealers of AMSOIL products receive the same discount on products and receive compensation for selling AMSOIL products. With no inventory requirement or sales minimums, becoming a Dealer might be the right choice for you if your customer base is interested in American-made lubrication products that outperform the competition.

What is an AMSOIL qualified customer?

AMSOIL qualified customers is a term related to AMSOIL's Dealer Program. A qualified customer is an AMSOIL Preferred Customer, retail account, commercial account, or sponsored Dealer who purchases at least $100 in AMSOIL products within 12 months of registering.

As a dealer, bringing in more new qualified customers gives you additional perks and commissions.

Shop AMSOIL Products and SAVE

Find the right AMSOIL product for your particular application. And learn how you can save 25% as a preferred customer!

SAVE 25% As A Preferred Customer

Sign up today for 25% off all AMSOIL products and enjoy other membership perks and rewards as a preferred customer.