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Performance Oil Technology is your trusted source for AMSOIL products, delivering superior lubrication solutions for cars, trucks, powersports equipment, diesels, motorcycles, and more. Experience the benefits of AMSOIL and save 25% as a preferred customer. Proudy serving the US & Canada since 1999.

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Find the right AMSOIL products for you based on your vehicle, engine, fuel type, and application.

Many AMSOIL Motor Oils offer guaranteed protection between 20,000 and 25,000 miles. Select between premium synthetic lubricants including diesel motor oils, gas engine oils, DOMINATOR®️ racing oils, high-zinc oils, 2-stroke oils, 4-stroke oils, oil change kits, and many more.

AMSOIL Antifreeze/Coolants are engineered to deliver maximum protection in a wide variety of applications. Select between Passenger Car & Light Truck Antifreeze, Powersports Antifreeze, and a selection of additive & supplemental products like DOMINATOR Coolant Boost and AMSOIL Antifreeze Test Strips.

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AMSOIL Fuel Additives are formulated to clean stubborn, power robbing deposits from injectors, valves and combustion chambers. Shop AMSOIL Fuel Additives for diesel and gasoline engines. Popular products include Diesel Cold Flow, AMSOIL Quickshot, Motorcycle Octane Booster, and many more.

AMSOIL Greases protect chassis & bearings by reducing friction and wear with their premium-quality synthetic base oils. Their most popular products include multi-purpose grease, AMSOIL Spray Grease, engine assembly lube, DOMINATOR®️ Synthetic Racing Grease, water-resistant grease, and many more.

AMSOIL Cleaners & Protectants are versatile products engineered to clean and protect various vehicle components. Repel mud, dirt, and snow with AMSOIL Mudslinger. Also checkout Metal Protector, Chain Lube, Air Tool Oil, and many other products.

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View the appropriate AMSOIL products for your specific vehicle type, make, and model.

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