2-Stroke Oil Mix Calculator - Fuel Mix Ratio

Calculate the precise amount of engine oil you need with this 2-stroke oil mix calculator. Common two-stroke oil mix ratios can be found below.

Unlock maximum protection and performance in your 2-stroke engine with AMSOIL 2 stroke oils.

Common AMSOIL 2-Stroke Oil Mix Ratios

AMSOIL ProductMix RatioOilFuel
Outboard Oil100:11.3 oz.1 Gal
Injector Oil50:12.6 oz.1 Gal
SABER®️100:11.3 oz.1 Gal
INTERCEPTOR®️50:12.6 oz.1 Gal
DOMINATOR®️50:12.6 oz.1 Gal

50 To 1 Premix Oil Ratio Chart

Mix RatioOil (Fl Oz)Fuel (Gal)
50:11.3 oz..5 Gal
50:12.6 oz.1 Gal
50:13.8 oz.1.5 Gal
50:15.1 oz.2 Gal
50:16.4 oz.2.5 Gal
50:17.7 oz.3 Gal
50:110.2 oz.4 Gal
50:112.8 oz.5 Gal
50:119.2 oz.7.5 Gal
50:125.6 oz.10 Gal

2 Stroke Mix Ratio Tips

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