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Helpful Tips from Dave Mann

The first AMSOIL products I bought were for my snowmobiles. I have a handful of Arctic Cat 2-Stroke Snowmobiles and run AMSOIL Interceptor in each since they're fuel injected and don't need pre-mixing.

I run the AMSOIL Snowmobile Chain Case Lube in the chain cases and the waterproof grease on the steering and suspension grease points and then I pack the idler wheel bearings with waterproof grease it makes the bearings last a lot longer than the stock grease that they are packed with.

Why I Prefer Interceptor

I run my snowmobiles hard in the winter time and I prefer Interceptor for it's low-smoke & low-odor properties. It also has great cold-temp fluidity (-63°F [-53ºC] pour point). I've never had any problems or unplanned maintenance since I started using Interceptor over 20 years ago.

AMSOIL INTERCEPTOR 2-Stroke Oil delivered outstanding wear protection and cleanliness in a rental sled throughout 1,617 miles of mountain abuse. (Based upon use of a new 2019 Polaris RMK 850 at Grizzly Lodge.

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