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Message From AMSOIL Chairman - Alan Amatuzio

Message From AMSOIL Chairman - Alan Amatuzio

Read the "From the Chairman" article in AMSOIL Magazine's June 2024 Dealer Edition, written by Alan Amatuzio.
Dave Mann
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May 28, 2024
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Message From AMSOIL Chairman - Alan Amatuzio

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Dave Mann
Hi, I’m Dave - a former Ford Truck/Automotive Engineer with 40 years of combined professional experience working with lubrication systems and using and promoting AMSOIL products. My trucks, heavy equipment, farm and powersports vehicles experience extreme use, and I use AMSOIL products in every single one. Enjoy the site!

This article is from the June 2024 copy of the AMSOIL Magazine, Dealer Edition.

My first job at AMSOIL was as a mechanic, and our lead mechanic then was Bruce Haugdahl. That isn’t really the correct title for him; Bruce was supremely talented and a bona fide genius, and he lent his many talents to us in several ways. I’ll give you an example. My father had an expensive clock that quit working and he went to great lengths to have it repaired. After repeatedly striking out, he sent it to the manufacturer in Germany. They examined it and returned it with apologies, stating that it was impossible to fix the clock. Well, he shared the story in conversation with Bruce, who said, “let me take a look at it.” He fixed it. Bruce possessed a rare combination of intelligence and ingenuity that I have not encountered in another person. He was my mentor when I worked in the shop and I learned a great deal from him about mechanical things.
One of the philosophies he reinforced was the appreciation for heavy-duty/quality items. Don’t buy cheap, throwaway items; buy things that are meant to last. Today, we tend to think in something is “heavy-duty” it is big and bulky. That can be true, but “heavy-duty” really refers to items duty service rating, or the severity of service something is expected to operate under and fulfill its performance requirements. Going the heavy-duty route saves you a couple bucks upfront, but over the long term it is pennywise and dollar dumb. Genuine heavy-duty items are stronger, longer lasting and made from better materials, all of which speak to higher quality.

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Our lubricants are built with that heavy-duty service philosophy. Seal conditioners provide a good example. Seals are elastomers that hold lubricants in and contaminants out. They are made from a rubber compound that can get hard, brittle, shrink and crack, which creates a leak. Conversely, if they get too soft, they will tear. Lubricants must contain the proper seal conditioners to ensure seals will last a long time. Seal softness is measured on a range called a durometer scale. Seal conditioners that provide a durometer rating from -3 (softer) to 5 (harder) are considered acceptable. We once had a chemical supplier present technology to us that scored 5 on the scale. I expressed concern that the chemistry was right on the edge and barely passed. They said, “a pass is a pass.” Not around here it isn’t. That’s not how we do things.
High-quality seal conditioners are expensive. We spend the extra money to ensure our lubricants keep seals in the best possible working condition. I am still a mechanic at heart. I have changed axles and know how much effort is required to replace them. I would much rather install a lubricant that provides the heavy-duty protection needed to ensure my seals remain in good condition than ever do that job again.
That is our mindset when we design AMSOIL lubricants. We only use the good stuff. That is only part of the story, however. Our formulary designs extend beyond using only the best raw materials. Our formulation team includes chemists, chemical engineers and mechanical engineers to ensure a comprehensive design that considers all aspects of mechanical and chemical technology, plus my stamp of approval. We combine the best raw materials and a thorough understanding of the application requirements to determine the precise level of protection and performance the application needs, then build in more.
What does that mean for you? It means you aren’t selling off-the-shelf lubricants designed to barely pass industry standards with “good enough,” standard-duty chemistry. You’re selling AMSOIL lubricants designed for heavy-duty service with heavy-duty chemistry. You’re selling insurance to protect against unnecessary failures and repairs. How much does a seal replacement cost? The small extra cost of AMSOIL gear oil is nothing compared to the cost and hassle of replacing seals. Every AMSOIL products is designed with this heavy-duty philosophy so your customers get what they are really paying for when they buy our lubricants – confidence and peace of mind.

Alan Amatuzio
Chairman & CEO

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