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AMSOIL offers you several ways to purchase its full line of products at wholesale, including as Preferred Customer/Individuals, Dealerships, Retail Accounts and Commercial Accounts.

Pay Retail…Why? ..... Retail / Individual Customers

Anyone can buy products from AMSOIL. You can either purchase online or you can call and place phone orders.  However to buy at wholesale you need to look at one of the other programs below, and find the one that works best for you.

Buy at Wholesale

Preferred Customer
Many  "discount" stores charge $35 and up per year for membership and only allow you to buy items in bulk. For $20 a year ($10 for a one time 6-month trial membership) AMSOIL Preferred Customers can purchase product at wholesale cost. More…

Would you like to lower the cost of your purchases further by receiving commission checks?  You can sell AMSOIL products in your spare-time or as a full-time career. The AMSOIL business opportunity is versatile and dynamic so that each person can create his or her own personally tailored business. More…

Retail Account
The AMSOIL Retail On-The-Shelf Account program is designed for businesses that operate out of a storefront with regular hours for public access. Examples would include Auto Parts Stores, Hardware Stores, Auto Repair Shops and Quick Lubes More…

Commercial Account
All commercial or industrial business need lubricants to maintain equipment and vehicles. Companies with fleets of vehicles and industrial equipment are prime candidates for a Commercial Account More…

Fast Lube Opportunities
The overall trend in today's automotive servicing is toward increased drain intervals and synthetic lubricants. . Find out why oil change specialists are choosing the AMSOIL 7500-Mile/ 12 Months Oil Change Program.... More…

Got Questions?
Please contact us with any questions regarding any of these programs, our website, or the information packet you received.  We will take the time to explain the program, our support services, and special offers.  AMSOIL is our business and our passion and it is our goal to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Get More Information
If you would like a FREE comprehensive packet: product catalogs, technical information, specifications, retail and wholesale prices, AMSOIL dealer opportunities, our website, and other special offers not found on this website.  Please contact us through our info request form with your contact info and your packet will be sent promptly, via e-mail. Personal contact information will only be used to provide requested information or assistance. You will not be enrolled in advertising or marketing programs and your information will not be shared or sold. Your e-mail and contact information will be held strictly confidential.

Also, please inform us of any special interests you have (Automotive, Diesel, Industrial, Motorcycle, Racing, etc.) so that we can include additional material pertaining to your special interests and vehicles.

AMSOIL is the undisputed leader in synthetics...

Since 1972, AMSOIL Synthetics have proven to be the very best.  The introduction of AMSOIL synthetic motor oil in 1972 set all-new standards for motor oil quality. AMSOIL synthetic motor oil outperformed conventional petroleum motor oils on all counts. It was clear from the start that this innovative product would play a major role in engine performance and engine life.

Contact Us Now - by phone or email... just call or e-mail us with your contact info and we'll have a packet e-mailed out promptly with everything it takes to be successful, including informative web videos, and much much more information than is available on this website.