The Best High Heat Motor Oil

What’s The Best High Heat Motor Oil?

A passenger car/light truck’s engine on average operates up to 235ºF (113ºC) and even higher on heavier loads. High temperatures will require high-quality synthetic motor oil. Drivers are becoming even more familiar with the technologies that are accountable for the increase in heat; namely turbochargers

Automakers are creating engines that utilize these performance-enhancing technologies to keep up with stricter fuel economy and emission standards. High heat can create serious problems, all of which can decrease engine performance and lifespan.

High Heat Forms Deposits & Sludge

Serious heat can quickly lead to breakdown in motor oil, which produces deposits on the intake valves. This obstructs airflow into the engine and creates a poor seal on the combustion chamber. This can lead to an uneven idle, misfire and decreased power and fuel economy. Extreme heat drains the additives more quickly, altering the chemistry makeup of the oil and disrupting its ability to lubricate, cool and protect as it was intended to. The resulting sludge can clog oil passageways and hinder the oil from getting to its most important parts, which leads to wear. Keeping sludge from forming is especially important in engines that utilize variable valve timing (VVT). Complex parts that are sensitive to sludge may fail to operate properly, leading to reduced performance.

High Heat Can Lead to Increased Oil Consumption

When oil volatilizes, lighter components will evaporate, leaving behind heavier molecules. This can lead to an increase in viscosity which can make it harder for the oil to circulate well and impacts fuel efficiency. So what is viscosity and how does it affect your engine

Perhaps you’ve experienced this when your car seems to overuse oil and often require more top-offs. The process of volatilization also creates emissions that lead to air pollution. If a certain amount of motor oil is consumed, there may not be enough to circulate to each part of the engine, leading to wear. AMSOIL synthetic motor oils are specifically created with high-performance additives and base oils that provide exceptional heat resistance, offering the maximum performance, life and cleanliness for your engine.